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  1. 8-ми Март
  2. 2012
  3. Happy B-day Mr-Hyde
  4. Happy B-day Break
  5. torta
  6. betonka
  7. Среќен роденден BorisVM
  8. 2011
  9. Na svadba vo VELES
  10. 8-ми Септември
  11. Бетонче... Среќен роденден :)*
  12. S Pandemonium
  13. Мона и Пиреј стапија во Б(м)рак
  14. Валпургиска ноќ
  15. Среќеn роденден Jakov!
  16. Честит Благовец
  17. Христос Воскресна!
  18. Jews to be expelled from Spain
  19. Abigail Adams asks her husband to "remember the ladies"
  20. Abigail Adams urges husband to "remember the ladies"
  21. First installment of The Pickwick Papers, Dickens' first novel
  22. Fighting at White Oak Road and Dinwiddie Court House
  23. Eiffel Tower opens
  24. Western novelist Vardis Fisher born
  25. The First Moroccan Crisis
  26. Knute Rockne, Studebaker namesake, dies
  27. Germany's Atlantis launches
  28. Oklahoma! premieres on Broadway
  29. Johnson publicly denies actions contemplated in Vietnam
  30. Johnson announces bombing halt
  31. Fighting intensifies with North Vietnamese offensive
  32. Mississippi River reaches peak flood level
  33. Warsaw Pact ends
  34. Longest strike in Major League Baseball history ends
  35. Evidence of murder is uncovered in New Mexico
  36. The Matrix released
  37. King George endorses New England Restraining Act
  38. Allies capture Paris
  39. Anna Sewell, author of Black Beauty, is born
  40. Samuel Bell Maxey born
  41. Violence disrupts first Kansas election
  42. Seward's Folly
  43. 15th Amendment adopted
  44. "Sockless" Simpson rallies populist farmers
  45. Allied troops halt Germans at Moreuil Wood
  46. Japanese set up puppet regime at Nanking
  47. Henry Wallace criticizes Truman's Cold War policies
  48. Bill Bradley scores 58 points for Princeton
  49. Bomb explodes outside U.S. Embassy in Saigon
  50. North Vietnamese launch Nguyen Hue Offensive
  51. John Denver has his first #1 hit with "Sunshine On My Shoulders"
  52. Oil workers drown in North Sea
  53. Obsessed Jodie Foster fan John Hinckley Jr. shoots President Reagan
  54. Ronald Reagan is shot by John Hinckley, Jr.
  55. President Reagan shot
  56. Reagan is shot
  57. President Obama announces auto industry shakeup
  58. Putnam named commander of New York troops
  59. John Tyler is born
  60. Writer Mary Wollstonecraft marries William Godwin
  61. Congress authorizes survey of Cumberland Road
  62. Appomattox campaign begins
  63. British victory at Kambula
  64. Swedish prime minister resigns over WWI policy
  65. Herbert Hoover has telephone installed in Oval Office
  66. Patton takes Frankfurt
  67. The Mad Bomber strikes in New York
  68. Rosenbergs convicted of espionage
  69. Calley found guilty of My Lai murders
  70. U.S. withdraws from Vietnam
  71. Last U.S. troops depart South Vietnam
  72. Mariner 10 visits Mercury
  73. Tar Heels win NCAA basketball championship
  74. Earthquake and volcano do double damage in Mexico
  75. Miramax chiefs part ways with Disney
  76. Tom Jones is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
  77. White House ousts GM chief
  78. Роденден на СЛАСА
  79. Jefferson elected to the Continental Congress
  80. Jackson appoints John Eaton as secretary of war and starts scandal
  81. Mexicans execute defenders of Goliad
  82. Lincoln, Sherman, and Grant meet
  83. Fingerprint evidence is used to solve a British murder case
  84. Japanese cherry trees planted along the Potomac
  85. Bessarabia annexed by Romania
  86. Poet Louis Simpson born
  87. March Madness is born
  88. Germans launch last of their V-2s
  89. Toyota founder dies
  90. Khrushchev becomes Soviet premier
  91. Earthquake rocks Alaska
  92. South Vietnamese forces conduct combat operations in Cambodia
  93. Marlon Brando declines Best Actor Oscar
  94. Bombing of Cambodia to continue
  95. Jumbo jets collide at Canary Islands airport
  96. Pattie Boyd and Eric Clapton are married
  97. TV Marti begins broadcasting to Cuba
  98. FDA approves Viagra
  99. The settlement of Maryland
  100. Parliament passes the Boston Port Act
  101. Battle of Fort Stedman, Virginia
  102. Cheyenne Chief Little Wolf surrenders
  103. Fire kills 145 at Triangle Shirtwaist factory
  104. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in New York City
  105. Belarusian Peoples? Republic established
  106. Verdict is announced in Scottsboro case
  107. USS Sequoia becomes presidential yacht
  108. Yugoslavia joins the Axis
  109. Soviets announce withdrawal from Iran
  110. U.S. Customs seizes Howl
  111. Common Market founded
  112. Sugar Ray defeats Basilio for middleweight title
  113. Martin Luther King leads march against the war
  114. Johnson meets with the "Wise Men"
  115. King Faisal assassinated
  116. Star driver Danica Patrick born
  117. The Motown "family" stages a bittersweet reunion performance
  118. Icelandic pop singer Bjork makes splash at the Oscars
  119. Stamp Act imposed on American colonies
  120. British pass Stamp Act
  121. Braxton Bragg born
  122. Naval hero killed in duel
  123. Earthquake destroys landmarks in Quito, Ecuador
  124. First Stanley Cup championship played
  125. Louis L'Amour born
  126. Jack London writes authors asking for payment advice
  127. Russians take Austrian garrison at Przemysl
  128. Stephen Sondheim is born
  129. FDR legalizes sale of beer and wine
  130. Cripps and Gandhi meet
  131. Arab League formed
  132. Truman orders loyalty checks of federal employees
  133. Officials confirm "non-lethal gas" was provided
  134. Westmoreland to depart South Vietnam
  135. Equal Rights Amendment passed by Congress
  136. The origins of the Hummer
  137. Teachers are indicted at the McMartin Preschool
  138. News Corporation and NBC announce new Web deal
  139. Reward offered for identity of pamphlet author
  140. Massacre at Hancock?s Bridge
  141. Napoleonic Code approved in France
  142. Edwin V. Sumner dies
  143. Stanley begins search for Livingstone
  144. "Broncho Billy" Anderson born
  145. Germany begins major offensive on the Western Front
  146. Second Battle of the Somme begins
  147. Series of tornadoes hits Southeast U.S.
  148. Another plot to kill Hitler foiled
  149. The Moondog Coronation Ball is history's first rock concert
  150. Formula One champ Ayrton Senna born
  151. Alcatraz closes its doors
  152. Selma to Montgomery march begins
  153. North Vietnam rejects Johnson overture
  154. Khmer Rouge shell Phnom Penh
  155. Famous Dallas cliffhanger airs
  156. Ronaldinho is born
  157. Carter announces Olympic boycott
  158. Carter tells U.S. athletes of Olympic boycott
  159. Black Death is ?created,? allegedly
  160. Henry V ascends upon father's death
  161. King Louis XVI receives U.S. representatives
  162. Ned Buntline born
  163. Uncle Tom's Cabin is published
  164. Republican Party founded
  165. Willie and Tad Lincoln get the measles
  166. Britain and Russia divide future spoils of war
  167. Auto pioneer James Packard dies
  168. Babe Didrikson goes to the mound for Philly
  169. British troops liberate Mandalay, Burma
  170. 20th annual Academy Awards celebrated
  171. Khrushchev begins his rise to power
  172. Americans alarmed about impending French defeat
  173. LBJ pledges federal troops to Alabama civil-rights march
  174. LBJ sends federal troops to Alabama
  175. Retired Marine Commandant comments on conduct of war
  176. Joan Jett tops the pop charts with "I Love Rock 'n' Roll"
  177. Tokyo subways are attacked with sarin gas
  178. Nerve gas attack on Tokyo subway
  179. Texas Western defeats Kentucky in NCAA finals
  180. Thomas McKean is born
  181. Balzac botches a publicity stunt
  182. Artist Charlie Russell born
  183. Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina
  184. First U.S. air combat mission begins
  185. First U.S. air-combat mission begins
  186. Nevada legalizes gambling
  187. General Fromm executed for plot against Hitler
  188. East Germany approves new constitution
  189. First Academy Awards telecast on NBC
  190. Elvis Presley puts a down payment on Graceland
  191. Seoul agrees to send additional troops
  192. National emergency declared in Cambodia
  193. Peruvian town wiped out
  194. Bodies found in Yosemite serial killer case
  195. War in Iraq begins
  196. Bush announces the launch of Operation Iraqi Freedom
  197. Maverick auto exec John DeLorean dies
  198. Parliament repeals the Stamp Act
  199. Tolpuddle Martyrs banished to Australia
  200. Grover Cleveland is born in Caldwell, New Jersey
  201. Wells and Fargo start shipping and banking company
  202. Wells Fargo and Company established
  203. Sanitary Commission Fair in Washington
  204. Irving Berlin copyrights the biggest pop song of the early 20th century
  205. Allies open attack on Dardanelles
  206. The Tri-State Tornado
  207. John Updike is born
  208. Studebaker goes bankrupt
  209. Natural gas explosion kills schoolchildren in Texas
  210. War Relocation Authority is established in United States
  211. Nationalist Chinese forces invade mainland China
  212. French-Algerian truce
  213. U.S. bombs Cambodia for the first time
  214. Lon Nol ousts Prince Sihanouk
  215. Three women are murdered at Yosemite
  216. Spectator death forces new rules for NHL games
  217. Anthony Minghella dies
  218. Saint Patrick dies
  219. First St. Patrick's Day parade
  220. British evacuate Boston
  221. The British evacuate Boston
  222. Jim Bridger born
  223. Auto pioneer Gottlieb Daimler born
  224. Battle of Kelly's Ford, Virginia
  225. Novelist and playwright Paul Green is born
  226. Van Gogh paintings shown
  227. Bobby Jones is born
  228. Franklin Roosevelt marries Eleanor Roosevelt
  229. Earthquakes kill more than 1,200 in Taiwan
  230. Shakeup in French government
  231. Todt named Reich Minister for Weapons and Munitions
  232. The Champs' "Tequila" is the #1 song on the U.S. pop charts
  233. National Security Council reviews situation
  234. Results of Peers investigation announced
  235. The Night Stalker terrorizes Los Angeles
  236. Lithuania rejects Soviet demand to renounce its independence
  237. Alexander Hamilton is named captain of artillery company
  238. Battle of New Bern, North Carolina
  239. Albert Einstein born
  240. Sylvia Beach, bookstore owner and publisher of Ulysses, is born
  241. German cruiser Dresden sinks
  242. Max Brand publishes his first novel
  243. Mack Truck founder killed in car crash
  244. Germans recapture Kharkov
  245. Billy Crystal is born
  246. The FBI debuts 10 Most Wanted
  247. The Recording Industry Association of America awards first Gold Record to Perry Como for "
  248. Jack Ruby sentenced to death
  249. Allies launch second wave of Rolling Thunder
  250. JFK?s body moved to permanent gravesite