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Macedonian Diaspora About Macedonians out of Macedonia.

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Default За огласите за работа во земјите од Блискиот Исток

Доколку сериозно разгледувате можност за работа во некоја од земјите на Блискиот Исток (а огласите за работа таму постојано се врткаат низ македонските медиуми), прочитајте го и ова сведоштво на еден Британец кој бил на работа во Саудиска Арабија:

Francis Anderson5:48 AM+16
I lived in Saudi Arabia for 9 months, and I have to say what I found really disturbed me, while I personally never came across a domestic violence case, although I know it does occur, because some of the brutish individuals I have met and had the displeasure of having to deal with, consider women to be mere animals.

What I have found is a culture that under the disguise of protection, denies it's women a life. In Makkah where I lived, the numbers of women hooked on anti depressants was truly astronomical.

I had women tell me, they were confined to their homes, they had to fight with their brothers or fathers to take them out, they came to work only to be treated like useless secretaries by the men, as it was the only escape from the hell of home.

Some do have drivers and cars, and the number of women raped by their drivers is shockingly high too.

I even had women in private tell me they had sexual relationships with other women, because they hated men so much and just wanted a release from the situation, and they could at least meet other women without much ado.

Sorry to say, It's a terribly backwards society, like something out of the middle ages if not worse.

However I will say one thing, this is nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with low intelligence, poor education and a culture which behaves as if they are still nomads.

As with all cultures, there are many people not uneducated, not treating their women as camels in need of breaking in, but my personal experience was this was the exception and not the rule, and even there, the women were still confined by the cultural norms.

It's once of the most corrupt place on earth, and a lot of the religious stuff is just icing on a cake of mud sadly, and I say that with a heavy heart.

I would advice all westerners particularly women NEVER to go anywhere near the place, no matter how much they say they will pay you, it's really not worth your personal safety and sanity.
Ова треба да биде особено интересно за жените кои мислат да одат таму на работа...
И на Павла му се јави ноќно видение: некој Македонец застана пред него и му се молеше, велејќи: „Дојди во Македонија - помогни ни!”
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